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Duotight Flow Stopper Automatic Keg Filler

Duotight Flow Stopper Automatic Keg Filler

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Duotight Flow Stopper Automatic Keg Filler

Use the Duotight Flow Stopper while filling kegs, during keg to keg transfers, or fermenter to keg transfers to automatically cut off the flow when the keg is full. Simply attach this device to the output gas post of your keg, then when the keg is full it will prevent further liquid exiting the gas post.

The Flow Stopper pairs perfectly with the BlowTie Spunding Valve, which will enable you to apply head pressure to the keg. This allows you to control the flow speed and reduce the foam generated in the filling process. You will need a short length of 8 mm OD EVABarrier tubing to connect the BlowTie to the outlet of the Flow Stopper.


2 x Duotight 8 mm x 5/8″ FPT (DUO104)
1 x Duotight 8 mm elbow (DUO107)
1 x Duotight 8 mm x 1/4 in. flare (DUO106)
1 x Ball float
1 x Stainless spring
2 x 8 mm OD EVABarrier joiners
1 x Acrylic sight glass

Ball lock fitting and BlowTie spunding valve not included.



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