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Stainless Steel Bubble Plate Add-on Section – 4″

Stainless Steel Bubble Plate Add-on Section – 4″

Add-on bubble plate section is intended for use with our 4″ Flute Distillation Columns.

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Stainless Steel Bubble Plate Add-on Section – 4″

4″ diameter section includes 3″ diameter viewing window, copper bubble plate, 4″ tri-clamp, and 4″ silicone gasket.

Our flute distillation columns were designed both to look beautiful and also be easy to maintain and operate. The copper bubbles plate is easily cleaned with vinegar after unscrewing the stainless steel screws. Plus, the copper bubble plate gives you both the benefits of copper as well as the benefits of a structured column packing, which eliminates channeling.


Section is 4 inches in diameter and has a large 3″ viewing window.
Copper Bubble Plate.
4-inch Tri-Clamp.
4-inch Tri-Clamp Silicone Gasket.

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