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Maker’s Malt – Pilsner

Maker’s Malt – Pilsner

– Lovibond 1.6 – 2.0 – Usage Up to 100%


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Maker’s Malt – Pilsner

Maker’s Pale Malt is made from premium 2-row Copeland barley.
The 2018 Vintage was grown on “Horseshoe Bend” one mile from the malt house in Rosthern,
Saskatchewan. Our premium barley allows us to produce pilsner malt with a fantastic quality specs
including high Diastatic Power, high FAN and low Beta-Glucans. Our pilsner malt has subdued
notes in comparison to our other base malts to provide a blank canvas for other aspects of the
recipe (such as hops) to shine through!

Batch Specifications

Moisture 5.4%
Color 1.82 SRM
Protein 12.4%
FAN 190 mg/L
Beta-Glucan 162 mg/L
Extract 81.6%
S/T Ratio 41.5%
Diastatic Power 137°L
Wort pH 5.79

Maker’s Malts farm collective is located between the North and
South Saskatchewan Rivers in the Sask Valley. The area
boasts some of the best barley growing dirt in the world. Our
barley is uniquely grown in reserve plots for Maker’s Malt and
of all the malt barley we grow, only the top 5-10% makes it to
our malt house. Maker’s unique vertical integration of grower
and maltster allows us to align our agronomic practices purely
with quality in mind.

Use as the backbone for a traditional pilsner or any beer and
whiskey that requires a very light finishing SRM. Usage rate
of 100%. A strong enzyme package allows this malt to easily
partner with non-malted or specialty grains. A fast
fermentation is typical.




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