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Essential Extractor Gin Series Complete – 2″

Essential Extractor Gin Series Complete – 2″

All the benefits of our Pro Series II Column with the additional option of infusing flavours or distilling essential oils.

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Essential Extractor Gin Series Complete – 2″

2″ Diameter Column

The Essential Extractor Gin Series Distiller is a complete moonshine still kit that comes with the necessary equipment for distilling your own water, vinegar, essential oils, fuel alcohol, moonshine, whisky, vodka, gin, or other flavor-infused spirits. All you need now is a heat source and something to distill!


Runs in gin mode, reflux mode, and pot distillation mode
2″ in diameter
More than 3′ total height
Made of dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing
Can be packed with either copper mesh for beverage-grade alcohol or ceramic Raschig rings for essential oils


8 Gallon Stainless steel kettle
4-piece stainless steel column (gin basket, condenser, dephlegmator, column)
4 – stainless steel tri-clamps
4 – EPDM chemical tolerant gaskets
1 – EPDM chemical tolerant O-ring for direct keg attachment
Hoses with hose clamps
Submersible pump
Water control system
Copper column packing
Pure tan gum bung
Laboratory grade thermometer


Most customers choose an 8-gallon kettle for this unit. If you’re looking at a 15-gallon, also consider the High Volume Gin Series, which features a larger column size.
To heat this unit, either:
one Stainless Steel Band heater or
one Stainless Steel Cartridge heater.

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